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3 Simple Ways To Make Your Web Design More Effective

Today's consumers often make decisions about products while spending time online. It doesn't matter whether a potential customer is looking to make an online purchase or simply wants to gather more information about your business, a quality website is important.

Unfortunately, a lot of businesses don't invest the time and effort needed to design a truly effective website.

Here are three small and simple ways that you can update your website design to make it more effective over time. 

1. Add a Headline to Your Homepage

Consumers ultimately want to know that they have reached the right place when clicking on a website. One of the easiest ways to help assure potential customers that they will find what they are looking for on your site is to add a keyphrase-focused headline to the top of your homepage.

Remember that when it comes to writing this headline, it's better to have content that is clear rather than clever.

Use the headline as an opportunity to introduce visitors to your company and provide a brief overview of the services or products you provide.

2. Incorporate More Calls to Action

A call to action is designed to convert leads into sales. Too many companies make the mistake of putting a call to action near the top of their homepage, but failing to include additional calls to action as a potential customer scrolls downward.

If a consumer is taking the time to scroll through your website, he or she is likely interested in what your company has to offer. You must include calls to action throughout the page, with a focus on placing these calls to action in areas where interest levels are likely to be at their peak.

Forcing a potential customer to scroll back to the top of your page to take action could cause interest to wane and compromise your ability to convert a lead into a sale.

3. Streamline Your Web Design

A study conducted by Google has revealed that consumers find complexity on a webpage to be a big turn-off. This means that you must streamline your design if you want to appeal to the masses.

Incorporate more white space into your web design. Stick with a single column layout, and limit the number of elements a consumer must focus on at each scroll depth.

By creating a less cluttered page, you can increase your conversion rates in the future.